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How many times have you had to put up with the indignation of being passed up for a promotion? Have you felt the embarrassment of not making your child's sport event or recital once too many times? How about getting home after your kids are already in bed, no time to hear about their day or see them smile. I’m curious if sitting in traffic for two hours each day is enjoyable?


CAUGHT ON TAPE: "Ex-Waiter FIRES HIS BOSS and is now Living The Dream!"

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WARNING: What happens on the next page is every entrepreneur's dream, and YES it can happen to you... Unedited & Raw. Viewer Discretion Advised. features inspiring authors, speakers and masterminds who share their stories with you. Let their stories IGNITE your passion, ACCELERATE you on your path, and ANNIHILATE your limiting beliefs.

The Sharpest Minds

Recognized marketing leaders, successful authors, speakers, and masterminds.  Each week SocTalks brings you today’s brightest minds. They share the exact steps you can take to build your own success.  SocTalks promises to give you actionable items you can implement TODAY.  

Validated Mentorship

Unique to SocTalks: A shared journey one of a married couple with dreams of BOOM!ing their business.  The second a mailman at the end of his career, but not of his debt.   Using the principles shared on SocTalks they and YOU will ignite your passion, accelerate your path and annihilate your limiting beliefs

Save Time By Listening

You know the value of personal development, of leveraging other successful leaders. You know you could be doing more with your journey. Let  SocTalks serve as encouragement to you to make that journey less painful, sort of a cliff note type experience, loaded with nuggets and actionable items to use TODAY.

Your host Socrates Zayas Ph.D.

Hello! I am Socrates Zayas affectionatey called DocSoc, the Founder of and Author of Socrates Level Marketing: Ignite Passion. Accelerate Your Journey NOW. Annihilate Limiting Beliefs and The BOOM! Blog. A brief look at me since I'll be in your ear weekly for about 30 minutes. I was Born in Cuba, immigrated with my parents as a child. I grew up in a single parent household. My mother working 2 and 3 jobs at times, made sure I was lacking nothing; always clean, ironed, well mannered, and educated. I'm a proud former Marine, trained to be a helicopter mechanic. So to my Marine Corps brothers… Semper Fidelis! As a civilian I became a geneticist. Although I had fun it didn't pay me enough to remain in the industry. I was forced to leave that career to one more lucrative, corporate IT, and gave it 13 years! After some life changing events they were done with me, they simply fired me, no explanations, just a letter and a check. Some of you may know how it feels living through the indignation, the embarrassment and realization of the lie. Because of that pain, because I saw all my possessions stripped, taken by the banks who didn't care about my circumstances, because I felt I failed my kids, my wife, my parents. You may know what being a mess feels like. I felt I didn't have any time to give them, definitely didn't have money to do much of anything, and I was 80lbs overweight. I looked at Multi-Level Marketing as a model for true Financial Freedoms. My focus was on three things: More TIME. More MONEY. More HEALTH. I have been successful in ALL THREE using the proven marketing fundamentals, SocTalks shares these with you, I call them Socrates Level Marketing®. You don't have to continue living the lie, or even wonder how to begin. 

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The guests featured on the SocTalks have experienced considerable personal, professional and financial growth because they discovered the secret to “Cracking the Success Code”.

You'll be surprised and intrigued at how different these achievers are on the surface, and yet they're virtually identical in the way they executed my proven 3-step success formula: IGNITE, ACCELERATE, and ANNIHILATE. Yes, this powerful, time-tested formula took these people from zero to hero! BOOM! Tune into our Podcast and discover how you can get similar, or even better results!

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