SocTalks Episode 016

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Freddy and his wife Catherine are the proud and blessed parents of 3 beautiful kids Ashley, Andrew, and Ashton.

17 year veterans of the network marketing industry. They have learned and have been personally mentored by some of the top leaders in the industry. They understand and have experienced the process, the ups, and the downs of the industry.  They have won and help hundreds in their team win numerous incentive trips, walked across convention stages, and spoken in front of thousands of people. They have been multimillion dollar producers and income earners and their passion is to teach, train, and mentor others to success.

Regardless of what company you are in, Freddy will help you understand the proper mindset and skill set necessary to breakthrough to the next level in your network marketing business.


I don’t need to tell you about stories and the power they have.

SocTalks is all about the guests’ Stories, Stories are what move people to action. I’d love right now if in a story you would share with us a Failure of yours, could be in anything life related or marketing…

Can we dive into the lesson here, something the listener can walk away with, to avoid potholes or reinventing the wheel?

Thank you, just like you did with your worst moment tell us a story about 1 of your AH-HA moments. That one huge moment that you believe will resonate with SocTalks Listeners,  can you tell us THAT story?

Freddy would it be OK if we did the same as we did with that Failure Story, let’s talk about lessons you would want our listener to walk away with? Something to ignite their passion, accelerate them on their journey, and annihilate a fear?

Alright man, we are into SocTalks Showdown where I shoot out some random questions and you shoot back 1st thing that pops into your mind: but first:

  1. 1 80 Min of your day?
  2. Biggest Strength?
  3. Biggest Weakness?
  4. Best advice?
  5. You wake up in an alternate universe, everything you had is gone! You have clothes on, but not familiar to you, you look in your wallet and you have 500.00 cash, you have a smart phone in your front pocket and it’s very modern almost like a mini laptop. No names in the contacts, no recent calls on id. What do you do?

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