SocTalks Episode 017

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OK, let’s get started…

Green Diamond Distributor at Purium Health Products, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at The BodyProud Team and President at Family Care Networks

Past: Purium Health Products and Self-Employed

Studied at York University
Past: The University of Western Ontario and North Toronto Collegiate Institute

Lives in Toronto, Ontario
From Toronto, Ontario

Married to Janine Brisbois
Married since November 4, 2000

Purium Health Products
Green Diamond Distributor · 2014 to present · Toronto, Ontario

The BodyProud Team
Chief Operating Officer (COO) · March 2014 to present · Toronto, Ontario
100 Million Healthy People Worldwide. It starts with a 10 Day Transformation and becomes a Lifestyle

Family Care Networks
President · 2011 to present
Lifestyle Monitoring Solutions for Independent Seniors and their Caregivers – using simple smart home technology to monitor the wellness of seniors living alone,to help independent seniors manage their homes, and to keep family caregivers constantly connected to loved ones.

Home C.E.O. Solutions Inc
Owner/ President · 2001 to present
Custom Smart Home Design and Installation Firm

Surfango Canada Dsitribuition Inc.
VP and Owner · 2004 to 2008
Surfango offers watersports enthusiasts the coolest Personal Watercraft in Canada, with an affordable price to own and operate. Check out for more info

Procter and Gamble
Sales Executive · 1995 to 2001

Alright man, we are into SocTalks Showdown where I shoot out some random questions and you shoot back 1st thing that pops into your mind: but first:

  1. 1 80 Min of your day?
  2. Biggest Strength?
  3. Biggest Weakness?
  4. Best advice?
  5. You wake up in an alternate universe, everything you had is gone! You have clothes on, but not familiar to you, you look in your wallet and you have 500.00 cash, you have a smart phone in your front pocket and it’s very modern almost like a mini laptop. No names in the contacts, no recent calls on id. What do you do?

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